Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a very BELATED valentine's day!

i will not comment on how long it's been since i've added a new post as i'm aware it's been over 2 weeks. forgive me. my valentine's day promotion and all the orders i received beat me to the bone and i've only recently recovered. no complaining on my end as i had the best time making chocolate snowboards, high-heels, hearts, kisses & adding lots o' love to some pretty cupcakes. i also made my 1st photo cupcakes for my friend yenssy and her boyfriend alex. additionally, i made some x-rated chocolate treats (which don't need specifics) i'm not a huge fan of valentine's day but this year, i did have a great time making some good-ees! hope you all had a sweet valentine's day!

now that vday is over, i'm working on all the other things that need my focus and attention - 1) business cards, check! got them in last week 2) website, check - still in talks with developers 3) promotion, promotion, promotion - check, check and working on new strategies. i have to take a good look at upcoming holidays and how to promote them. i'm also reaching out to other small businesses that i can partner and work with, i mean everyone can use a treat for an event, birthday, celebration, etc, etc, etc.  so it's more meetings and sample sessions. i'm blessed to have family and friends who have been helping spread the word and my sweets around. i even got a weekly cupcake gig, THANKS to my friend Jen!

there are days where i'm so tired from meetings, baking and making deliveries that i can't even see straight.  and at times i feel like a little kid in a candy store or in this case a yummy bakeshop, as i want it ALL right now!  i'm working on slowing down as i know everything will happen in time, when and how they're suppose to. i know i have so much to learn about starting a little business but i'm not scared or apprehensive of what lies ahead and i'm well aware that it's only just begun....ay nako = oh my goodness!  

happy miercoles = wednesday,

- e

Sunday, January 31, 2010

for those who try to follow, sorry i left you...

I’m the worst, haven’t updated in 2 weeks! my apologies, it’s been very busy and orders are coming in. I am so thankful and uber grateful! Getting my valentine’s day offerings together was my main focus this past week. My kuya helped me with a little photo shoot, here’s the album on facebook:

if you like what you see, please get your order in early!

Samples are still being distributed and I’ve been delivering orders to a variety of events in Brooklyn and the city. The past 2 weeks have consisted of a ton baking and running around. Pagod na pagod = I was really tired and took my 1st day off to rest yesterday. My biggest order yet was this past Friday for 3 dozen assorted filled and candy topped cupcakes, you know “CRUMBS”-esque but mine were not as monstrous and were tastier J but that’s only my opinion of course. It was so fun coming up with crazy cupcake concoctions, I was like a little kid drowning in candy.
This week, I’m working on getting my website together and am chatting with some developers to get things moving. My baby budget will dictate how sophisticated the site will be but I also don’t want it to look amateur. 

I’m still a bit astounded at how quickly things are moving and I’m grateful every single day to be doing something I absolutely love! I’ve visited a ton of friends in corporate offices and it wasn’t too long ago that I was behind a desk for most of my day. I can’t say I won’t ever return to that but not right now as this dream of mine is taking all my focus, energy and drive. I get to be as creative as I like and my objective is solely to create treats that will make their recipient smile. I absolutely love customizing and personalizing my goodies and it’s a joy working with my customers on their custom treats. I’ve been getting a ton of suggestions and ideas for new treats, please keep em’ coming!

stay warm,
- e 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

lucky 13

it’s 13 days into building my lil’ business and I’m very busy baking in Brooklyn. The best thing about it all is that it’s been very cold outside but in my house, it’s always warm, cozy and smelling like cookies! Very sweet.
I’ve been running around nyc, reaching out to my corporate and creative friends and giving them samples of simply eelicious treats. This past week, simply eelicious was sampled at bravo, hipcricket (mobile marketing), mtv, martha stewart’s and univision (salamat  = thank you to all). This new week, more of the same.
Two big things took place this last week, firstly simply eelicious’ logo was born! (above) a very big thank you to my kuya AND simply eelicious is now on facebook –
Check out the menu of offerings.
Simply eelicious will be trucking ahead, working on a love for haiti good-ee and getting in gear for valentine’s day J

Happy MLK day and have a great week!

mahal = love
- e

Sunday, January 10, 2010

whatta week

please note: my blog will be updated on sundays and I will be throwing some tagalog (Philippines national language) in the mix as i'm a proud filipina :) and you'll get to learn something new.

first off, I have to say thanks so much to you my friends & family for all your support, encouraging words, hugs and hi-fives! it’s so very appreciated, i'm grateful to have you with me on this journey. this little enterprise of mine has come to fruition very quickly and i’m doing everything I can to stay on top of it all.

my kuya = big brother who's a kick-a** graphic designer is working on my logo, which will be unveiled in the coming weeks. my promotion plan is in place and will be ready right in time for Valentine’s Day. i will be baking cookies galore the next few days, samples are on their way! if you’d like one please email me at:

Simply Eelicious was enjoyed around town this weekend in brooklyn, downtown and all the way to harlem. keep the orders coming! and take a peek at some Simply Eelicious pics (old & new)

sweet blessings and love,
- e

Monday, January 4, 2010

happy twenty10

happy new decade! i hope you all have survived the holidaze and are feeling GREAT in this new year, good things are coming...
this past holiday season was an interesting one for me as i was unemployed for the first time in a decade and wasn't sure what to do with myself. so, i did everything i WANTED which included a ton of cooking and baking. this turned into a little business for me and i'm currently working on building this business which will specialize in cookies, treats and all kinds of baked goodies...

stay tuned and warm for more
- e