Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a very BELATED valentine's day!

i will not comment on how long it's been since i've added a new post as i'm aware it's been over 2 weeks. forgive me. my valentine's day promotion and all the orders i received beat me to the bone and i've only recently recovered. no complaining on my end as i had the best time making chocolate snowboards, high-heels, hearts, kisses & adding lots o' love to some pretty cupcakes. i also made my 1st photo cupcakes for my friend yenssy and her boyfriend alex. additionally, i made some x-rated chocolate treats (which don't need specifics) i'm not a huge fan of valentine's day but this year, i did have a great time making some good-ees! hope you all had a sweet valentine's day!

now that vday is over, i'm working on all the other things that need my focus and attention - 1) business cards, check! got them in last week 2) website, check - still in talks with developers 3) promotion, promotion, promotion - check, check and working on new strategies. i have to take a good look at upcoming holidays and how to promote them. i'm also reaching out to other small businesses that i can partner and work with, i mean everyone can use a treat for an event, birthday, celebration, etc, etc, etc.  so it's more meetings and sample sessions. i'm blessed to have family and friends who have been helping spread the word and my sweets around. i even got a weekly cupcake gig, THANKS to my friend Jen!

there are days where i'm so tired from meetings, baking and making deliveries that i can't even see straight.  and at times i feel like a little kid in a candy store or in this case a yummy bakeshop, as i want it ALL right now!  i'm working on slowing down as i know everything will happen in time, when and how they're suppose to. i know i have so much to learn about starting a little business but i'm not scared or apprehensive of what lies ahead and i'm well aware that it's only just begun....ay nako = oh my goodness!  

happy miercoles = wednesday,

- e