Sunday, January 10, 2010

whatta week

please note: my blog will be updated on sundays and I will be throwing some tagalog (Philippines national language) in the mix as i'm a proud filipina :) and you'll get to learn something new.

first off, I have to say thanks so much to you my friends & family for all your support, encouraging words, hugs and hi-fives! it’s so very appreciated, i'm grateful to have you with me on this journey. this little enterprise of mine has come to fruition very quickly and i’m doing everything I can to stay on top of it all.

my kuya = big brother who's a kick-a** graphic designer is working on my logo, which will be unveiled in the coming weeks. my promotion plan is in place and will be ready right in time for Valentine’s Day. i will be baking cookies galore the next few days, samples are on their way! if you’d like one please email me at:

Simply Eelicious was enjoyed around town this weekend in brooklyn, downtown and all the way to harlem. keep the orders coming! and take a peek at some Simply Eelicious pics (old & new)

sweet blessings and love,
- e